Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

Having neglected this blog for far too long, I decided to post to celebrate Ravelympics 2010, ravelry's olympic extravaganza. Feeling modestly ambitious, I entered the Sweaterboard Cross event, planning to create the Triple Slip Vest from Knitscene Winter 2008/Spring 2009. I made some significant changes in the design. I changed the waist, neck and armhole ribbings to 5x5 (instead of 1x1) to create better flow into the slip stitch pattern. I altered the neckline from a V to a U. And I made shortrow cap sleeves instead of 1" plain armhole bands.

The pic is the WIP, approximately half-way done, graciously modeled by Oliver.

I actually finished the vest last night and received my medal. A FO picture will follow when I can put my hands on the camera. In spite of having had a horrible respiratory infection for the past few weeks, it's nice to be able to demonstrate an accomplishment, however small.