Friday, August 31, 2007

Hallelujah - My Socks Arrived!

Oh happy, happy day!

My Sockapalooza socks arrived, closing the sock loop for me. And what beautiful socks they are! They're perfect for me . . . the yarn is a neutral color (charcoal gray), but with just enough pizzazz - the multicolored speckled tweed.

The stitchwork is incredible - these were obviously made on a size 0 or smaller (I'm not sure exactly what size my pal used). Check out the cuff detail.

My mouth dropped open when I saw this toe graft. Bravo, Kim!

And to put whipped cream and a cherry on top of this luscious sock sundae, my pal sent extra goodies in the package: yummy shower gel & spray and postcards of my dear socks' city of origin - Cleveland!

But the best thing of all is that Kim made these socks for me! They fit perfectly. In my case, this is no mean feat (pun intended); I have very long, extremely thin feet, one of the less significant manifestations of Marfan's syndrome, a genetic disease that has affected me since birth.

I don't want this post to turn into a downer. It is, after all, intended primarily as a well-deserved tribute to my sock pal, Kim. So I'll save further Marfan explanation for another day.

Instead, I'll treat you all to some pics of my very happy feet enjoying their lovely new sockies. First, the fashion model poses (okay, well, it's the only modeling opportunity my feet are likely to ever have, so humor them, please).

Ooh, fancy lighting!

Gorgeous Sockapalooza socks lounging under the banana tree . . .

. . . and admiring themselves in the mirror!

I love my socks! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim!

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Kimberly said...

I am soo glad that you like them, and that they fit you perfectly! I was very worried about that. Wear them in happiness and good health!