Thursday, July 19, 2007

On to one of those WIPs

Now that I've finished my Sockapalooza socks, I'm turning my attention back to one of my (many) in-progress projects: Norah Gaughan's Vintage Pink Cardigan from Interweave Knits (Spring 2005 issue). For those of you who aren't familiar with this lovely little number, here's the pic from the magazine.

I've made the back and am working on the left front. As it's plain stockinette with ribbing only at the borders, it's progressing pretty quickly despite the relatively small needle size. I can't wait to work on the right front, which has the lace & cable detail. I'm making it in Jade Sapphire 100% cashmere in a pale pink that is similar to the color of the original. The yarn was bought on sale with a generous gift certificate from my parents (thanks, Mom & Dad!), and the unbelievable hand of the cashmere more than compensates for the boredom of all that stockinette! Sorry to not have a photo of my version so far, but I'm still waiting for the camera to return from my bro-in-law's custody.

I'm planning on just a few revisions in the original pattern. I'm putting in a little side shaping (I'm skinny and not exactly, shall we say, buxom so a little extra shaping helps). I also have long arms and am thinking about extending the sleeves to full length, at least if I have enough yarn to do so. I like the look of 3/4 sleeves, but on me they often just look like the sleeves are too short - not a good effect.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally, a blog . . . and a pair of socks for my pal

Why a blog? Why me?

Really, I'm doing this just so I can post my little picture of my Sockapalooza socks. The socks are finished now, and the photo is old - from just after I started sock #1 - but I realized that I want to participate in the Great Sockapalooza Movement. And I'm frustrated as all getout trying to post anything to the Sockapalooza blog. I never did get the photo up there as a WIP, despite many attempts. (Not a criticism of Allison at all - just a growing pain of the movement - and a sign that I really need a blog of my very own.)

So here's the pic.

Hopefully, this view can provide at least a glimpse of what they're like. (Or not, if these are not your bag.) Unfortunately, my DH lent our camera to his brother to take to Alaska, so I probably won't be able to add any more photos of the finished socks before they're sent to my very deserving pal. I just hope that they live up to her expectations and put a smile on her face!

For the lace, I used a stitch pattern from the Oma's Strickmeister book. It's a wonderful book even if it is in German (which, luckily, I studied long enough to fake my way through the instructions). The general sock design is an amalgam of several sock patterns in Socks, Socks, Socks, plus a few adjustments of my own. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in purple. (Doesn't every woman need a pair of purple lace socks to call her own?)

Yeah, this blogging thing is fun. Maybe addictive, even. We'll see.